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In case of bulb type of warning light, it is possible to replace only bulb when bulb's life is end. In case of LED type, what parts do I replace?Warning Light
Because LED product is produced as the PCB board assembly, please contact our distributor or us and purchase and replace this assembly.
Is it possible to install a external volume on the sound built-in warning lights?Warning Light
In case of built-in sound warning light model of S100D and S125D, it is possible to install the volume on the product by hole machining on the body. Also if you want to install external volume personally, we can supply external volume switch with additional cost. For reference, when installation of external volume, waterproof grade will be down.
In case of model for QA100UHL, LED operation type is Steady type or Flashing type?Warning Light
In case of QA100UHL model, it is LED Strobe (periodic LED Flashing) type. And its standard specification is flashing operation.
Do you have the product that Lens diameter is 125mm, LED revolving type, built-in Buzzer and mounting part is made in Magnet?Warning Light
LED revolving type of Ø125mm is "S125LR" model and the magnet is "M" and the buzzer is "BZ". Combined model name is S125MLR-BZ. You can order by designating of rated voltage and lens color on the model name.
Do you have any products that control of revolving speed is available in the revolving type warning light?Warning Light
In case of bulb and LED revolving type warning lights for over 100mm of Lens, speed control is available and changeable volume is installed inside of product. You can adjust a changeable volume on the revolving plate for controlling of revolving speed. Representative products of volume control available are as below. Ø100 : S100R, S100U, S100LR, S100ULR Ø125 : S125R, S125U, S125MLR, RB1215D Ø150 : S150R, S150U, S150LR, S150ULR Ø180 : S180R, S180U But, a changeable volume for revolving speed is not installed on the economic product. ex) S100E
Do you have any products that melody sound output with light revolving in the normal warning light?Warning Light
There are S100D and S125D models of bulb revolving type built-in sound warning light and S100DLR and S125DLR models of LED revolving type built-in sound warning light. There are 4 kinds in Sound tone that are Warning sound 5 tones, Melody 5 tones, Alarm 5 tones and 3 voice signals and you can choose one sound tone when ordering.
In case of SOLAR cell products, is it possible to install at outdoor? And is it supplied on the condition of full charged from factory?Warning Light
SOLAR Cell product is for outdoor installation. It is supplied on the condition of full charged from factory, but it is supplied on the condition of power switch "OFF" due to discharge. Therefore you can use it after setting of power switch "ON". The method for power "ON" is to put power switch on the side of ON after disassembling of Lens.
Is it possible to install the Buzzer on the Strobe Warning lights?Warning Light
In case that body material is ABS in the product of Lens out diameter of over 150mm, it is possible to install the Buzzer, and in case of body material of SUS, it is impossible. For example, S150U is possible and S150R impossible.
What kinds of low-price products in the Φ100 warning lights do you have? And what is the difference between S100R and S100E?Warning Light
S100E model is low-price product in the Φ100 warning lights. The difference between S100R and S100E is below. S100R : revolving speed volume control and selection switch for AC220V and AC110V in the dual voltage specification are installed. S100E: 2 items above mentioned are not installed.
In case of the volume for built-in buzzer type warning light, what is maximum Decibel (dB)? Is it possible to produce as over 100dB? Warning Light
Maximum volume of warning light with buzzer product is 90dB. At present it is impossible to produce this product as over 100dB.