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Smart Factory

Smart Factory

  • Qlight’s smart factory products will help enable you to build a production monitoring system, andon system and parts management system quickly and efficiently.
  • Qlight has a number of smart factory product categories such as wireless type, USB controlled type, Ethernet type, and CAN protocol type.
  • Customers are able to conveniently use Qlight’s products with either its own software or through programming using DLL.
  • Smart factory product application examples
    1. Line progression management through data acquisition analysis
    2. Wireless monitoring of old machinery
    3. Remote facility monitoring
    4. Parts shortage forecasting through an automated ordering system
    5. Machine productivity and failure rate management
    6. Use cases where real-time response and data collection monitoring are required (i.e. Fire control room, call center, etc.)

Wireless Network System

  • Our wireless network system allows for rapid deployment and effective cost savings with regards to smart factory construction.
  • The wireless network system controls and monitors the wireless signaling devices through a PC or a smartphone.
  • Since the wireless network system does not require a telecommunication cable, monitoring system build up and production equipment relocation becomes convenient.

USB controlled product

  • This product is a LED tower light controlled via a USB protocol through and application and as a result does not required an additional power supply.
  • It supports USB 1.1 or higher version.
  • Customers are able to conveniently use Qlight’s products with either its own software or through programming using DLL.

Ethernet controlled product

  • This product is an LED tower light that is controlled by a PC application and connected to a network via PC and Ethernet interface.
  • It supports remote control by application software. Developer’s DLL is provided.
  • It supports TCP/IP protocol. PC test application is provided for free.

CAN protocol controlled product

  • Customers can use the products built in memory (128MB) to save 255 MP3 Files.
  • MP3 files can be easily transferred via USB interface.
  • Sound level can be controlled by an external volume controller and software which can be adjusted to a max. 28 levels.
  • Up-to 63 units of CAN products can be controlled together. Communication distance is 1km.
  • Four communication speeds are available: 125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps, and 1Mbps.
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