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Smart Factory

Qlight’s smart factory products will help enable you to build a production monitoring system, andon system and parts management system quickly and efficiently.

Smart factory product application examples

  • Line progression management through data acquisition analysis

  • Wireless monitoring of old machinery

  • Remote facility monitoring

  • Parts shortage forecasting through an automated ordering system

  • Machine productivity and failure rate management

  • Use cases where real-time response and data collection monitoring are required (i.e. Fire control room, call center, etc.)

Wireless Network System

  • Our wireless network system allows for rapid deployment and effective cost savings with regards to smart factory construction.

  • The wireless network system controls and monitors the wireless signaling devices through a PC or a smartphone.

  • Since the wireless network system does not require a telecommunication cable, monitoring system build up and production equipment relocation becomes convenient.

USB controlled product

  • This product is a LED tower light controlled via a USB protocol through and application and as a result does not required an additional power supply.

  • It supports USB 1.1 or higher version.

  • Customers are able to conveniently use Qlight’s products with either its own software or through programming using DLL.

Ethernet controlled product

  • This product is an LED tower light that is controlled by a PC application and connected to a network via PC and Ethernet interface.

  • It supports remote control by application software. Developer’s DLL is provided.

  • It supports TCP/IP protocol. PC test application is provided for free.

CAN protocol controlled product

  • Customers can use the products built in memory (128MB) to save 255 MP3 Files.

  • MP3 files can be easily transferred via USB interface.

  • Sound level can be controlled by an external volume controller and software which can be adjusted to a max. 28 levels.

  • Up-to 63 units of CAN products can be controlled together. Communication distance is 1km.

  • Four communication speeds are available: 125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps, and 1Mbps.

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