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Customer Support

QA & Customer Service Policy

Qlight follows a quality assurance policy that supports our customer’s work efficiency by implementing state of the art quality control and customer service systems.

Quality Assurance Policy with Embrace and Understanding

Cost competitiveness through cost reduction
Short delivery through applying time-efficient SCM system
Enhanced empowerment of employees dealing with customers – allows for shortened service time to serve customer
Customized product production capability to support specific customer application needs

Customer-Oriented Service Policy

Provide fast and accurate customer service
Strong technical teams that tackle issues when they occur
Embracing customer service that understand customer’s situation
Open technical data available so customers can select the most suitable products for their application site

Customer Service Policy

All Qlight products offer free warranty for the first year after purchasing
RMA tickets are initiated within a week after a customer claim is filed – customer fault excluded

Warranty Timelines and Conditions

Support under Warranty

Classification Timeline Support Conditions
All products One Year Failures that occur with normal operation within warranty timeline
Out of Warranty Support
Timeline One year after the expired warranty date
Wear Warranty does not support Parts and options which are not from Qlight
Customer Faults Case where parts break as a result of customer negligence
When instructions are not followed
Parts that are modified by customer
Etc. Customer’s inspection request without product failure (It will be charged even under warranty)
* Installation and cautions are important to follow to avoid problems
Customer Service Process
Customer Service Process
Customer Service Process
Customer Service Request and Repair
Please contact distributor’s office or Qlight head office.
Send us a customer service request note along with the defected product for smooth processing.
Qlight is not responsible for loss of product and even it might be thrown away if the product is not taken out of since one month of C/S completion.

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Contact Us

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