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About Us

Company History

Qlight has been striving to accomplish our mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency for the last three decades.

  • 2020~2011

  • 2010~1986

  • Selected as a global small giant company by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Completed Qidong factory
  • Explosion proof LED tower light (QTEXB) acquired TIIS mark
  • Explosion proof LED work lights (SESA/ SESAL/ SESALR/ SESAS) obtained KCs certificate
  • Launched new brand ‘Qlightec’ providing smart factory solutions
  • Explosion proof LED work lights (QLEX-SLM-250/ QLEX-SLM-250(PL)) obtained KCs certificate
  • Began construction of Qidong Factory, China
  • Explosion proof LED warning light (SNEL, SNESLR) acquired TIIS certificate
  • Non-Sparking ex-proof LED work light (QMFL30-Ex-24) acquired NEPSI certificate
  • Explosion proof warning lights (SNEL, SNESL, SESAL) acquired CCC(F) certificate
  • Explosion proof LED tower light (QTEX, QTEXB) acquired ATEX, IECEx certificate
  • LED Highbay (SL65N4, SL75N4, SL120N4) obtained KC(Korean Safety Certificate)
  • Non-Sparking ex-proof tower lights (ST45ML3-Ex, STB45ML3-Ex) obtained KCs(Korea Gas Safety Corporation) certificate.
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Launched Wireless controllable product (QTG60L-WIZ, QTG60ML-WIZ, QTG70L-WIZ, QTG70ML-WIZ, QMCL125-WIZ)
  • Aviation obstruction light (SAOL1) obtained ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) certificate
  • Obtained the patent for ““multi-functional modular signal tower light”” (Patent# : 10-1676863)
  • Obtained the patent for “Emergency Vehicle Lightbar” (Patent #: 10-1662283)
  • QMFL300-Ex LED Work Light Acquired KGC Safety Certificate
  • Acquired ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certificate for low intensity LED aviation obstruction lights (SAOL2)
  • Qlight’s Next GenerationQA115 Series LED Strobe Warning Lights (QA115HLS, QA115HLSP) Certified by E11(VCA: The United Kingdom Vehicle Approval Authority)
  • Qlight’s New Innovative UL-Listed QMPS Series Smart Electric Horn Now Avaliable
  • Obtained UL certificate for LED signal lights Q series
  • Obtained the patent for “Bar style LED work light” (Patent# : 10-1598123)
  • The second headquarter factory built
  • Limit switch models (3 items including SW2TS) acquired certificates from RMRS
  • LED Work lights (QML150/250, QMFL 500/600) UL listed
  • Established the Qlight USA, Inc. in San Jose, CA.
  • Horn which that emits light patented (Patent # : 10-1452447)
  • Fan/ tilt type bracket patented (Patent # : 10-1452445)
  • LED strobe light with multi-lens patented (Patent # : 10-1444391)
  • Explosion Proof product family including SNE, SNES, SESA, SEA, SPNA acquired
    IECEx certificates
  • Selected as a promising export company by Small & Medium Business Admin., Korea
  • Non-Sparking Explosion Proof tower lights including ST45ML and STB45ML
    acquired KGS and NEPSI certificates
  • Portable warning lights for agricultural machine applications patented (Patent # : 10-1226959)
  • Explosion Proof warning lights (SNE, SNES) acquired CCS Certificates
  • LED work light with cylindrical lens attached patented (Patent # : 10-1219020)
  • Explosion Proof warning lights (SESA, SEA, SPNA) and heavy duty warning lights (SH1, SED, SEWN30) certified by CCS
  • LED warning light with LED reflector patented (Patent # : 10-1108102)
  • SNE, SNES certified by NEPSI, SNE, SNES, SESA, SEA, SPNA certified by KOSHA
  • KCC (Korea Communications Commission) certificate acquired
  • Light equipment applying prism system patented (Patent # : 10-1051056)
  • ATEX certificate acquired for PC controlled tower light (ST56EL-ETN)
  • QEB certified by KIMM
  • LED warning light, bulb revolving warning light patented (Patent # : 10-0961472)
  • Research and development center established
  • SSEL certified by KIMM
  • LED tower lights compliant with the RoHS Directive
  • Motor drive system patented (Patent # : 20-0439536)
  • LED revolving type lens patent acquired (patent # :10-0808669)
  • Explosion Proof electric horn (SPNA) acquired NEPSI certificates
  • Tower light models including ST45, ST56,ST80) UL listed
  • Heavy duty products for vessel applications acquired Lloyd’s (UK’s Maritime Classification Society) certificates
  • ABS certificates acquired for 18 products including SH1
  • ISO 9001:2000 certificates acquired
  • Established Shanghai Qlight Electronic Co.,Ltd. in China
  • Established Qlight Limited
  • Nominated for developing domestic Explosion Proof warning lights by Korean
    Ministry of Science & Technology
  • Developed limit switches for vessel applications
  • Established Qlight
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