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  • Qlight Announces its new brand 'Qlightec'

    SMART FACTORY Solution
    Qlight’s smart factory products will help enable you to build a production monitoring system,
    andon system and parts management system quickly and efficiently.
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  • Innovation in Alarm & Signal

    Qlight’s Vision
    Qlight has been striving to accomplish its mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency for the last three decades.
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  • A New Concept of Using the Horn Cover as a Light Globe!

    QWCD35 / QWCD50
    Meet Qlight’s new exclusive innovative LED strobe signal light and electric horn combinations!
    This series comes in 4 different color and two different sound type-31 built-in sound type
    and external sound(SD card) type.
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  • Explosion-proof LED light with slim and compact structure

    QLEX-SLM-250 / 650
    Ex d llC class model that can be used in explosive gas zones(ZONE1, ZONE2)
    You can freely adjust the irradiation angle of the light source by applying a 360-degree rotatable bracket.
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  • Modular LED Tower Lights

    QTG50 / 60 / 70 Series
    Excellent visibility from a distance with the use of a special color diffusing lens and various size of light modules applying Lock-type structure provide a perfect solution for your sophisticated signaling application needs.
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  • SMART FACTORY Solution
  • Qlight’s Vision
  • QWCD35 / QWCD50
  • QLEX-SLM-250 / 650
  • QTG50 / 60 / 70 Series

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