Innovation In Alarm & Signal

Qlight’s Vision

Qlight has been striving to accomplish its mission to provide visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency for the last three decades.

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Super Slim Design! Vivid and Powerful Signal!

QLV series

Qlight’s new QLV series, warning light bars for emergency vehicles, allows for minimized air resistance in high speed vehicles with compact and aerodynamic design. Comes in 3 different length of 1,250mm, 1,150mm, and 885mm.

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A New Concept of Using the Horn Cover as a Light Globe!


Meet Qlight’s new exclusive innovative LED strobe signal light and electric horn combinations! This series comes in 4 different color and two different sound type-31 built-in sound type and external sound (SD card) type.

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Panel Mounted Multi-Functional Speaker


Both binary and bit input methods available for a total of 30 sound outputs. This product feature provides the user with a wide selection of audio signals (MP3 SD Card) to choose from to prevent crosstalk for a specific environment and condition.

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Modular LED Tower Lights

QTR50/60/70 series

Soft and comfortable signal lights emitted through the translucent milky lens and various size of light modules applying Lock-type structure provide a perfect solution for your sophisticated signaling application needs

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IP67/ IP69K Protection


Special epoxy sealed structure of IP67/ IP69K provides excellent oil and water resistance in environments such as machine tools with cutting fluids. Suitable for high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environments.

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Qlight Gives You a Brighter Future!

Qlight strives to continue its lead in producing quality products for the industry by forming a compassionate corporate culture, fulfilling customer oriented needs and maximizing manufacturing efficiency.
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