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Explosion Proof Signalings

Explosion Proof Signalings
  • Qlight is leading supplier of explosion proof signaling over the last couple of decades.
  • We've been introduced myriad of exproof solutions in order to meet customers' unique needs at a low cost.
  • Applications : Ship building, Oil & Gas, On/Offshore, Fire alarm and safety, Power plant
  • Qlight also offers a stainless steel housing unit and cold resistant unit for being used in corrosive area and -52 Celsius Degree area such as Arctic and Antarctica.

Explosion Proof Beacon Sounders

Explosion Proof Signal Beacons

Explosion Proof Electronic Sounders

Explosion Proof Tower Lights

Explosion Proof LED Perimeter Lights

Explosion Proof LED Work Lights

Explosion Proof Aviation Obstruction Lights

Telephone initiated signaling

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