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About Us

Mission Value

Qlight strives to continue its lead in producing quality products for the industry by forming a compassionate corporate culture, fulfilling customer oriented needs, and maximizing manufacturing efficiency.

Global Network

We are able to maximize our management efficiency through the presence of our global network of production and sales sites. Our global teams are held accountable for short delivery times, industry leading customer service, cost competitiveness and quality products appropriate for any industry environment.

Customer-Oriented Management

We aim to help our customers maximize their profits and work efficiency by providing them with a diversified product portfolio with an emphasis on innovation, quality assurance, and customer focused support.


In order to support the critical needs of our customers, Qlight accomplishes cost efficiency by differentiating the business strategy in R&D, production, marketing, and customer service.


We concentrate our management and R&D efforts on developing and improving the quality of signal transmission devices which make us the world’s leading company and experts in our field

Companionate Corporate Culture

With the cooperation of both company and employees pursuing a common goal, we promote and encourage many policies that support employee creativity, welfare, communication, vision sharing and motivation within the company.

Shared Management

We practice a “Business Sharing” policy by allocating a portion of our profit and time with the local community. We support organizations which encourage children’s dreams and hopes through reading activities.

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