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Mission Value

  • Misson

    Company and employees are growing together,
    Fulfill shared management
    Contribute industrial efficiency

  • Vison

    The world best firm in Signaling industry
    Realization of top level of welfare system

  • Prompt customer satisfaction and real time enterprise(RTE)

    In the dynamic market situation, Qlight promptly reacts both customer’s demands and internal/external circumstances change by establishing flexible manufacturing environment and appropriate marketing strategies. Qlight can accomplish optimized business performance based on smart communication amongst customers, employees and departments. By sharing and analyzing management information and data in real time, Qlight realizes agile decision making in order to improve work efficiency.

  • Emphasis on product and service quality, workplace innovation and ethical management

    Qlight has been paying attention on various improvements activities so that we can provide supreme quality and customer satisfied products. Workplace innovation realizes productive and effective organization culture. We pursue transparent and ethical management as well as social responsibility.

  • Problem oriented thinking and creative problem solving are based on achieving strategic task.

    Corporate management is a process of endless management issues and problem solving. Qlight strives strengthening strategic tasks execution with creative thinking and problem awareness that help us to resolve enterprise issues.

  • The most suitable company that leads the innovation of signaling device technology and industrial efficiency improvement

    Qlight strives to be the most suitable company who serves state of the art signaling devices by development of core technologies to perform industrial efficiency based on excellent quality with the latest technology.

Core competencies
How Qlight works