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Discontinued Models Information

Always offers better quality products

Qlight stops manufacturing the below products in order to return the better quality products to customers.
All discontinued models will be substituted for better upgraded models and see detailed information of equivalent model.
If you have any inquiries, please use the board of Question and Reply or ask to sales manager.

Overseas Sales Department +82-51-620-4100
No Product Group Model Name Discontinued Date Substitutions
1 Limit Switch QBOX-F
2020-06-22 QBOX-S
2 Warning Light ELV/ELR
2018-06-30 ELM
3 Limit Switch SH6560
2018-10-31 SH6560S
4 Warning Light STA45SLM-110
5 Special Specification QWSL/QWHL
2017-12-31 QML/QMHL
6 Special Specification QMFL
2018-02-01 QMFLN
7 Warning Light QS0001
8 Special Specification ESE
2013-08-01 SNE
9 Special Specification SPN25
2013-08-01 SPNA
10 Special Specification SPN25D
2013-08-01 SPNA