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  • 2016-06-10

    Qlight’s New Innovative UL-Listed QMPS Series Smart Electric Horn Now Avaliable

    Qlight is proud to announce its newly released innovative UL-listed QMPS series panel-embedded smart electric horn. QMPS series is panel-mounted multi-functional smart electric harm that offers a variety of pre-recorded sound and MP3 (SD card) sound input function which help prevent cross talk of different voice environments by selecting an audio signal fit for the specific environment and application conditions. The clear and pointed sound volume can perform max.98dB at 1m sound capacity and volume adjustment and sound selection switches are located inside the unit. QMPS series are UL-listed, CE compliant and also compliant with ROHS directive.
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  • 2016-04-20

    Qlight announces the issuance of Korean Patent No. 10-1598123 for “LED Work Light with Bar Shape (QC

    Qlight proudly announces its granting of Korean Patent for newly released QCML LED light bar series for “the bar-shaped LED light bar (QCML)” in Feburary 2016. QCML series is ultra-high sealed and water proof LED light bars with protection ratings of IP67/IP69K that can be used in high temperature wash down applications. With QCML series LED light bars, users can not only select from various body size in length of from 200mm to 1,500mm but also a variety of light colors from cooldaylight, incandilight, amber and red to fit your sophisticated application needs such as for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools and test equipment. This series features aesthetically pleasing design with slim and compact housing while detachable mounting bracket structure enables to adjust mouting hole space freely. Patent registrations are shown in our website Technology data > Patent.
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  • 2016-01-11

    Design registration for LED Strobe light(QA115HLS) and LED work light(QMFL300/500/600)

    Qlight registered designs to Patent Office in regards to “LED Strobe light(QA115HLS) for Heavy equipment” and LED work light(QMFL300/500/600)” on November 2015. LED strobe warning light for heavy equipment(QA115HLS) which is featuring superior luminous efficiency with a special light diffusion system. It can compensate for signal attenuation phenomenon that occurs during daytime operation with a powerful Xenon lamp. In addition, user can select appropriate mounting options such as direct mount and pole mount type depending on the environment. LED Work Light(QMFL300/500/600) is suitable for machine tool which demands excellent oil resistance and water proof. Therefore this special sealing structure can help to endure high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environments. Foreign substances do not accumulate on the shielding glass surface of the working light due to its flush structure to housing structure of the product. There are five options in terms of lengths that customer can choose such as 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600mm.
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  • 2015-10-20

    Design registration for Work Light(QML) and other two products

    QLgiht registered a design for Work Light(QML) and mount bracket for Light(QBK01 / QBK03) in October, 2015. The products what we registered this time are suitable for CNC machine which demands water proof & oil resistance and LED work lights which is suitable for high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environment.K type represents QKB01 mount bracket for light that is equipped with an omni-directional mount allowing 180 degree light distribution for front and rear. MF represents QBK03 which is water proof & oil resistance model that protects wiring cable against cutting oil and cutting chips. In addition it realizes wide light distribution such as 180 degree for front and rear and 160 degree for right and left direction.
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  • 2015-09-07

    Obtained UL certificate for LED Work light QPL(C) series

    QLight obtained UL certificate for LED Work light. UL certificate is a system which is able to secure stability of consumer’s product and protect the customers in US. This certificate is essential in order to distribute the products in US market because UL listed products can be sold into entire American market. In addition, inspectors in insurance company verify whether there’re UL labels on it when they estimate threat rate. The UL listed products are QPL(C) series for LED Work Lights that are currently being produced. The model numbers are QPL200, QPLC200, QPL300, QPLC300, QPL400, QPLC400, QPL500 and QPLC500. QLight Co. Ltd. always strives to be able to expedite your continuous growth based upon the product quality recognized by world’s leading UL certification. The certificates are shown on Customer Support > Certificates.
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