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  • Heon-Gil Choi, the CEO of Qlight has announced that the Qidong Factory in Jiangsu Province, China will complete construction and start operation in January 2020. Headquartered in Korea, Qlight entered the Chinese market in 2000 with their Shanghai factory and has since been producing industrial LED lightings and signal information equipment. 

    In order to meet the increasing demand for Qlight’s products in China and around the world, the company has expanded from their current Shanghai Plant to a brand new state-of-the-art 12,500m’ factory in the Qidong Binhai Industrial Complex. This factory will be the largest of its kind in the signal information equipment industry in China. Furthermore, the existing Shanghai plant will be converted into a sales site to provide better support to our customers in China and strengthen our competitiveness in the world market. 

     Qlight will also increase its product portfolio to include a lineup of LED work lights for construction equipment, explosion-proof LED lighting, aviation obstruction lights, and wireless controlled signal information devices for smart factories. The new Qidong factory is streamlined to a single manufacturing process flow to improve productivity from receiving, assembly, final inspection and shipment of the finished products. 

    In order to ensure continued leadership in the industrial signaling industry, Qlight’s Qidong plant has a reliability center, a clean room, and a production floor temperature and humidity management system which will allow it to introduce Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment in the future. These new facilities and future capabilities will improve the overall yield and quality of their products. This will not only enhance the growth of related industries in Korea and China, but also take the company a step closer to becoming the unrivaled leader in the signal information equipment industry. 

     [Source: Joong-Ang Ilbo] Qlight completes Qidong plant in China for full operation in January 2020 
  • Qlight announces the acquisition of explosion proof certificate issued by Japan Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS) for our QTEXB model, explosion proof LED tower light with flame proof housing, on August 19th, 2019.

    OTEXB is an industry first to enable a buzzer with a max sound output of 95dB at 1m. It adopts a Qlight proprietary flame arrester structure that meets strict Ex D II C standards which maximizes structure cooling while minimizing a decrease in sound output that can possibly happen with a flame arrester structure.

    Qlight’s carefully designed and managed explosion proof products from development to shipment are facilitated by the use of our own explosion proof testing facilities. This R&D test facility complies with the strict IEC17025 standard which allows us to quickly improve the quality and reliability of our explosion proof products to meet many of the world leading industry standards bodies.

  • Qlight proudly announces the launch of Qlightec, a Qlight brand that is dedicated to providing smart factory solutions for status indicating signal and audible devices.

    Qlightec is our specialized brand which will integrate cutting edge smart technology with next generation signaling and audible devices. This new brand will continue our company’s history of consistently providing the latest next generation technologies for the audible and signaling industry.

    *Qlightec is Qlight’s brand specializing in smart factory solution.

  • Largest in industry with the latest production and management system, expects sales increase by up to 300%

    <Qlight Qidong Factory, China >

    Qlight Shanghai Electronics has started construction of a new factory in Qidong, China on September 25 in order to support continued market competitiveness for increasing sales demand.

    The plant is located in Qidong Binghai Industrial Park in Jiashan City, Jiangsu Province, and covers an area of 13,300 square meters and a land area of 12,500 square meters. The plant is ideally located a short distance from main expressways, ports and airports. The driving distance is approximately an hour away(53km) from Pudong, Shanghai. The industrial park also includes numerous self-sufficient facilities which make it an excellent location for plant operation and attracting a highly talented work force.

    Qlight’s new factory will be equipped with advanced production quality and logistics systems such as an automated inspection system as well as a product lifetime and reliability laboratory. These new facilities will help Qlight cope with the rapidly growing demand in China through efficient site management.

    The CEO of Qlight Heon-gil Choi says, “The Qlight Qidong factory will be the largest in the industrial signaling industry with the latest production and management technologies” and “It is expected that the sales in China which has been increasing tremendously by 25-30% for the past few years will continue to increase by up to 300% after the Qidong factory begins operation.”.

    The factory is due to be completed on October, 2019 and start production in the last quarter of 2019.

  • Qlight is pleased to announce the UL(Underwriters Laboratories) approval for its QTR and STG series, the modular tower lights, and QCML series, the LED light bars, on November 30th, 2018.
    QTR series, modular LED steady/flashing tower lights, is complete modular type that the addition of modules can be achieved without the use of tools due to Qlight’s special the Lock-type structure. This series features soft and comfortable signal hue emitted through the translucent milky color filtered lens.
    Qlight’s STG series, LED tower lights comes in size of Ø40mm and Ø50mm. The users can select between standard type and built-in buzzer type to fit specific application needs, and the standard type model ffers protection rating of IP65 in case of standard type.
    Slim and compact LED light bars, QCML series, feature superior protection rating of IP67/IP69K which makes it desirable for food processing, pharmaceutical, and beverage machine applications that needs high temperature wash down.
    The addition of UL-approved QTR,STG, and QCML series to Qlight’s product line expands our offering to North American market to support continuously growing needs and interest of American market to Qlight. We will continue to strive to serve the industry with high quality standard, process efficiency and top-quality customer service.