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  • 2016-12-10

    Patent Acquired for NEW Signal Towers

    Qlight proudly announces the issuance of Korean Patent No. 10-1676763, which relates to the technology of “multi-functional modular signal tower” on November 11th, 2016. The “multi-functional modular signal tower light” technology allows for easy addition and replacement of stacked light modules with the use of rotating lock-type modular connection structures. Qlight’s newly released QTG, QTC, QTR tower light series all employ this innovative patented technology. The lock-type structure enables for quick and easy addition of light modules and allows for easy modification of the light module’s color arrangement without the need for extra tools. These tower light series come in a wide variety of sizes; Ø50mm, Ø60mm Ø70mm. They are also available in a wide selection of modular lens types; color diffusion lens type (QTG Series), dual-lens type (structure which has the color lens beautifully enclosed in an outer lens, QTC Series), translucent milky lens type (QTR series) to fit each user’s sophisticated application needs.
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  • 2016-10-26

    Qlight obtained the patent in regards to “Lightbar” on September 27, 2016

    The Lightbar which obtained the patent can be configured light modules per user’s specific needs. The main body does not consist of single assembly so it helps easy replacement in case of the parts are damaged because the light modules can be disassembled and reassembled individually. Emergency vehicle lightbar QLV series which adopt this technology has been recently distributed. QLV series are lightbar which is suitable for high speed vehicle because of its slim and aerodynamic design. High mechanical strength, heat resistance, anti-UV, anti-vibration and impact features realize to be equipped with the vehicle that are being exposed to outdoor environment for a long time. SAMP helps to configure between warning sound and beacon(QLV-SET) along with 100W horn of high volume signaling and warning sound. Nowadays QLV has been equipped with Rexton W that are exported to Peru.
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  • 2016-09-10

    QA115 Series LED Strobe Warning Lights Certified by E11

    Qlight announces the issuance of E11 (VCA: The United Kingdom Vehicle Approval Authority) , No. 10R-059312, for QA115 series LED Strobe warning lights (QA115HLS, QA115HLSP DC type models) designed for heavy industry application. These models feature extremely powerful visibility with not only xenon lamp that compensate for signal attenuation phenomenon that occurs during day time operation but also Qlight’s exclusive patented lens with its unique light diffusion system. Users can select between QA115HLS model (direct mount type) and QA115HLSP (pole mount type) to fit their sophisticated application needs. Qlight QA115 series LED strobe warning lights has high protection rating of IP66 and are vibration resistant and shock-proof with withstand capability of 15g vibration and 100g shock, which makes it perfectly suitable for heavy industry application.
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  • 2016-07-25

    QMFL300-Ex LED Work Light Acquired KGS Safety Certificate.

    Qlight’s water, vibration and oil resistant QMFL300-Ex LED work light has acquired safety certificate No. 16-GA2BO-0515X from Korea Gas Safety Corporation.Non-sparking QMFL300-Ex LED work light with explosion proof rating of nR is designed for use in Zone 2 where equipment is capable of operating under abnormal high risk environmental conditions for a short duration. This model also features excellent durability and superior oil and tool chip resistance with epoxy sealed structure and chemically tempered glass. Special aluminum heat-radiant housing structure applied in this model provides stable luminance in high temperature sealed environment. You can find more information about the certificate in Customer Support > Certificates
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  • 2016-07-13

    Acquired ICAO certificate for SAOL2 series

    Qlight has acquired ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certificate for SAOL2 series low intensity LED aviation obstruction lights. SAOL2 series aviation obstruction light uses LED light bulbs with increased lifetime and decreases the replacement cost of the light source and features excellent durability with aluminum housing structure. Users can also select between direct mount type and pole mount type to fit their application needs while built-in switch is available upon request, which activates a system that automatically operates the products when darkness is detected. You can find more information about the certificate in Customer Support > Certificates
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