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USB Steady/ Flashing Tower Light & Electric Horn Combination
LED Steady/Flashing TypeIP54-30℃ ~ +50℃Horn105dBRoHS
  • Product Feature

    Sounder type (Max. 105dB at 1m)

  • Voltage


  • Dimension

    Lens Diameter : Ø80 Housing Diameter : Ø119 Height : 204-364

  • Materials

    Lens-AS Housing-ABS

  • Protection rating


※ Please refer to technical information page for detailed specification including measurement.

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Product Feature

  • Ideal solution for building smart factories with state of the art technology
  • LED tower light that is fully controlled by a PC application via USB port connection
  • Possible to use USB cable connection without an additional power supply

Main characteristics
  • Provides MS Runtime libraries for developers to utilize in various PC applications
  • Controlled by PC application
  • 80mm stackable tower light and signal sounder combination model allows simultaneous transfer of visual and audible signals.
  • LED Module Standard Operation: 2 layers will operate at the same time.
  • 5 sound tones are available for each warning, melody, and alarm sounds.
  • Built-in clear melody, alarm sound, the type of sound can be chosen when ordered.
  • Volume : Buzzer – Max.105dB at 1m
  • USB communication cable is comprised of VCC, D-, D +, GND, and shield
  • Protection rating : IP23
  • Compliant with RoHS directive

Operational environment
  • OS Support(32bit / 64bit): Windows XP, Win 7, Win 10
  • Library Support: VC++, VB, Delphi(32bit only), C#(64bit only)
  • Support host that is USB 1.1 or higher
  • Power supply : DC 5V/500mA rated PC USB * 2 ports are required
  • Multiple connections on 1 PC is optionally available (up-to 4 units).
  • ※ The Y cable included with the product has a communication and power connection.

  • Product Feature
  • Product Specifications
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Product Specifications

Model Number Layer Certificate Color
5 Warning sounds
5 Melodies
5 Alarms
- 1layer : R-Red
2layers: R-Red G-Green
3layers: R-Red A-Amber G-Green
4layers: R-Red A-Amber G-Green B-Blue
5layers: R-Red A-Amber G-Green B-Blue W-White

Sound Tone Combination of Standard Product

Sound Category Sound Tone Sound
5 Warning Sounds
Emergency WA-U(Yelp)
Ambulance PI-PO(Hi-low)
Machinery Fault
High Expansion
5 Melodies
Sweet Home
For Elise
Cuckoo's Waltz
Piano Sonata
Turkish March
5 Alarms
Beep Intermittent
Door Chime
Phone Ring
PI.PI.PI. Short Interval
Tripping Beat

  • Product Feature
  • Product Specifications
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