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Qlight Begins Construction the Qidong Factory, China


Largest in industry with the latest production and management system, expects sales increase by up to 300%

<Qlight Qidong Factory, China >

Qlight Shanghai Electronics has started construction of a new factory in Qidong, China on September 25 in order to support continued market competitiveness for increasing sales demand.

The plant is located in Qidong Binghai Industrial Park in Jiashan City, Jiangsu Province, and covers an area of 13,300 square meters and a land area of 12,500 square meters. The plant is ideally located a short distance from main expressways, ports and airports. The driving distance is approximately an hour away(53km) from Pudong, Shanghai. The industrial park also includes numerous self-sufficient facilities which make it an excellent location for plant operation and attracting a highly talented work force.

Qlight’s new factory will be equipped with advanced production quality and logistics systems such as an automated inspection system as well as a product lifetime and reliability laboratory. These new facilities will help Qlight cope with the rapidly growing demand in China through efficient site management.

The CEO of Qlight Heon-gil Choi says, “The Qlight Qidong factory will be the largest in the industrial signaling industry with the latest production and management technologies” and “It is expected that the sales in China which has been increasing tremendously by 25-30% for the past few years will continue to increase by up to 300% after the Qidong factory begins operation.”.

The factory is due to be completed on October, 2019 and start production in the last quarter of 2019.

Qlight Begins Construction the Qidong Factory, China