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Qlight Korea Completes Plant Expansion on April 2018


Qlight Korea has completed construction of its Site 3 Plant at our headquarters located in Busan, South Korea, in order to increase our production capacity and secure additional capacity for future growth. Sitting on a 42,625ft2 and a total floor area of 29,062ft2 in Gimhae,  the plant is capable of producing a wide range of Qlight products including fully enclosed heavy duty products and explosion-proof products. This site is expected to increase Qlight's total annual production capability by up to 35%.

The newly completed Site 3 Plant is divided into a office building and a factory building. The office building consists of 3 stories with the first floor occupied by the quality control team and the outgoing inspection team.  The second and third floor is used as an employee welfare center which includes a cafeteria, gym, and resting lounge. The factory building is a modern manufacturing facility which used innovative construction techniques to build our cutting-edge manufacturing lines and testing facilities.

Qlight expects that this high-tech factory will help us continue to maintain our market leadership with the use of unique production techniques such as our flexible customer-driven small batch production system, high efficiency SCM system, and cell-based production system to successfully meet rapidly growing needs of our customers from the US and Europe.

Qlight Korea Completes Plant Expansion on April 2018