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KC Marked SL Series Now Available!


Qlight proudly announces it has acquired KC (Korea Certification Mark) certification for newly released LED high bay series including SL75N4-KE-CRB(PC-V1)-QLI, SL65N4-KE-CRB(DC)-QLI, SL120N4-KE-CRB(PC-V)-QLI, SL120N4-KE-CRB(PW-V)- in October 2017.

This SL series LED high bay is ultralight product with high energy efficiency of 140lm/W and easy installation and maintenance. This series provide superior electrical safety with built-in surge protector (8kV) and help enhance cooling system with Air-Fin heat sink technology.

Please learn more information about this in Customer Support > Certificates.

KC Marked SL Series Now Available!