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ATEX/ IECEx Approved QTEX/ QTEXB Now Available


Qlight proudly announces the acquisition of the ATEX/ IECEx certificate for our QTEX/ QTEXB explosion proof LED tower light series on February 16th, 2018.

QTEX/ QTEXB is a Exd II CT6 grade product used in hazardous explosive areas. This explosion proof product uniquely incorporates an 80um diameter LED tower light inside an explosion proof casing. The QTEXB is the first siren enabled explosion proof LED tower light in the industry to use a special flame arrestor with 3 structures that maximize the flame cooling effect while improving the buzzer sound design. Products with a flame arrestor design typically have structures that impedes siren volume. However, Qlight’s innovative design implements a 3 structure flame arrestor to eliminate this problem.

Qlight’s carefully designed and managed explosion proof products from development to shipment are facilitated by the use of our own explosion proof testing facilities. This R&D test facility complies with the strict IEC17025 standard which allows us to quickly improve the quality and reliability of our explosion proof products to meet many of the world leading industry standards bodies.

ATEX/ IECEx Approved QTEX/ QTEXB Now Available