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Qlight Co., Ltd. has been selected as a global small giant company in 2020


Qlight Co., Ltd.(CEO Heon-gil Choi) announced that Qlight has been selected as a global small giant company in 2020 by Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Global small giant project is seeking innovative small and medium sized enterprises with potential of growth that are last year’s turnover is KRW 10 billion to KRW 100 billion or exporting amounts are over USD 5 million to make them as leading export companies as well as representative enterprises in a certain province. 

As an audible & visual signaling device and industrial LED work light manufacturer, Qlight developed an industry-leading technology by introducing new signaling devices that can be applied for Smart Factory system. On top of that, Qlight has been a market leader in terms of an innovation of manufacturing industry by focusing on diverse type of automatic solution monitoring systems based on state of the art signaling device technology. 

Qlight official explained the main reason of being selected as a global small giant company is that exporting volume has been increased consecutively because Qlgiht has dedicated to introduce cutting edge solutions that are improving industrial safety and efficiency. 

There will be governmental concessions such as technical support, credit guarantee and financial assistance over four years when it comes to overseas marketing, improvements of prototype design, R&D equipment, production procedure and quality. “Qlight is officially recognized that there’s a possibility of global success as being of Global small giant this year. Qlight declares that is going to prepare to take off for global top 3 small giant company by means of overseas marketing support and improvement of international competitiveness.”, the official stated.


 Qlight Co., Ltd. has been selected as a global small giant company in 2020
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