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About Us

Production Capabilities

By adopting technology standards and quality assurance systems,Qlight has achieved quality gentrification and standardization with a wide range of products in order to to meet our customer’s sophisticated needs.

ERP system maximizes our management’s efficiency

The comprehensive enterprise resource planning system allows Qlight to quickly understand, communicate, and manage current business conditions in an efficient and transparent platform.

Highly efficient SCM ensures quick delivery time

Our SCM’s ability to visualize the entire supply chain at a glance from purchasing to production and to distribution allows for enhanced production efficiency for quick on-time delivery.

Cell Based Manufacturing Systems

Cell Based Manufacturing Systems applied where operators are responsible for the entire production procedure from beginning to end. Modular parts and cell manufacturing systems allow for flexible manufacturing and mass product customization.

Flexible Customer-Driven Small Quantity Batch Production System

More than 450 variety of products to satisfy diverse use cases and conditions. Prompt production system to produce approximately 15,000 types of parts.

One-Stop System which allows Qlight to respond quickly to market needs

Marketing strategy, R&D, purchasing, production and quality control activities are planned and carried out in one area with a one-stop system that allows Qlight to respond quickly to market needs.

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