LED Work Lights


100° Wide Flood Lens High Bay LED Lights

  • Features ultra high energy efficiency
  • Ultra slim and lightweight body of up to 3-3.5kg
  • Surge protection system (8kV) provides advanced electrical stability
  • Innovative optical technology applied in anti-glare lens and enhanced conical illuminance
  • Features special heat radiation technology
  • Can choose from various prismatic lenses to achieve different light patterns
  • Protection rating : Non waterproof
  • Technical Certificate : KC, High efficiency materials

Product Specifications

모델명 소비전력 총광속 광효율 입력전압 색온도 연색지수 빔각도 중량
SL120N4-KE-CRB(PF) 120W 16,200lm 135lm/W AC 200V~AC 240V 5,700K 80Ra 100° 3kg~3.5kg

구분 모델명 사이즈 무게 비고
본체 SL120N4-KE-CRB(PF) Ø288 x 134.2mm 2.9kg 컨버터 포함(컨버터무게 : 약 0.4kg)
악세서리 ACC-SL80N-CPC1 Ø110 x 560mm 260g 체인 펜던트형 브라켓 Chain Pendant Bracket
ACC-SL120N-WMW1 145.2mm x 189.3mm 410g 벽부형 브라켓 Wall Mount Bracket
ACC-SL120N-PPC1 145.2mm x 137.4mm 244g 파이프 펜던트형 브라켓 Pipe Pendant Bracket
ACC-SL120N-SHP1 Ø384 x 107mm 509g 보조등갓 Shade
ACC-SL80N-SWA1 12mm x 900mm 10g 낙하방지 와이어 Safety Wire Set