Qlight Launching KCs Marked QTEX/QTEXB

Qlight proudly announces that it has launched sales of the QTEX/QTEXB series, explosion proof LED tower lights, with the KCs certificate issued by Korea Testing Laboratory(KCs), starting from August 30th, 2018.

QTEX/QTEXB tower light series is a Exd II CT6 grade explosion proof product that is specifically designed for application in hazardous explosive areas. Especially, QTEXB, the built-in buzzer type model, is carefully built featuring advanced triple-enclosed flame arrestor technology to enhance prevention of fire or explosion, while making sure to minimize sound output decrease of buzzer possibly caused by the flame arrestor structure.

Qlight’s carefully designed and manage explosion proof products from development to shipment are facilitated by the use of our own explosion proof testing facilities. This R&D test facility complies with the strict IEC17025 standard which allows us to quickly improve the quality and reliability of our explosion proof products to meet many of the world leading industry standards bodies.