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  • Here is the amazing panoramic view of our Qidong factory in China. Our new Qidong factory in Binhai Industrial Park(启东滨海工业园) increase its product portfolio to include a lineup of LED work lights for construction equipment, explosion-proof LED lighting, aviation obstruction lights, and wireless controlled signal information devices for smart factories. The new Qidong factory is streamlined to a single manufacturing process flow to improve productivity from receiving, assembly, final inspection and shipment of the finished products. 
  • CIIF 2020 in Shanghai was a huge success thanks to your warm support and interest in Qlight! It was a great pleasure of our Shanghai team to get to know you and to be inspired by our conversations with you. 

    We hope that we made your visit a valuable time to explore our products to consider for your possible next project or application. Thank you again for your interest in Qlight, and we hope to have the pleasure of serving you in the near future. 

  • QWCD is a LED strobe light and sounder with lens enclosure that functions as a light globe and speaker horn. It can produce 31 built-in sounds and 31 user-defined external sounds(SD card) while featuring excellent protection rating of IP66, suitable for vessel and heavy industry applications.

  • QMPS is a Multi-Functional Speaker that supports 30 built-in sounds and 30 external sounds. It can prevent cross talk by providing various audio signals. SD card type allow for playing MP3 file, user can save sound file and set-up playlist as they want.

  • QMCL series are Multi-Color Warning Light with Seven Color Options in a single warning light. Milky translucent color when off, the soft LED illuminates designated colors when on. Dust & water proof structure (IP65) allows the use of outdoor application and built-in buzzer upto 80dB is optionally provided.

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Notícias & Eventos