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Heavy Duty Signalings



LED Strobe Type IP66-50℃ ~ +60℃Horn118dBSD Card(MP3)123dBRoHSNPN-Transistor Type
LED Strobe Signal Beacon & Electronic Sounder Combinations
Weatherproof LED Strobe Beacon Sounder / Audible & Visual Alarm

Signal light with horn for general purpose can be use in harsh environments Audible and visual alarm signal effect in one unit

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  • By using the horn cover as a light globe, the size of the product has been reduced significantly
  • Easy device customization with built in sound selection function, volume adjustment function and an SDcard slot for user inputted tones
  • 31 available tones that can be selected for a variety of environments
  • The user can select their own tones by inputting the MP3 file directly into the SDcard.
  • 31 pre-recorded tones available via binary input
  • Suitable for use in environments that require a tight seal and superior dust protection rated IP66
  • Has the ability to operate under extreme ambient conditions such as the North Pole where temperatures can reach as low as -50°C.
  • Easy wiring though external terminal box
  • Flashing rate : 60-80 flashes/min(steady/flashing mode selection available in built in switch)
  • Materials : Horn-PC, Body-ABS
  • Certificates : CE Compliant, UL Listed
  • Ambient operating temperature : -50°C to +60°C(Standard)
                                                                         -20°C to +50°C(SD Card type)
  • Protection Rating : IP66
  • Compliant with RoHS directive

Product Specifications

Model number Voltage
Sound Pattern and Volume

Terminal box equipped type
Built-in standard sound

DC12V~24V Max. 4.700A • Bit Input : 5Ch(SDcard only)
• Binary Input : 31Ch
• Warning sounds : 123dB
• MP3 sound : 118dB 

AC110V~220V Max. 0.800A
Terminal box equipped type
MP3 type
DC12V~24V Max. 3.800A 3.40kg
Max. 0.650A
※ DC type model has a free-voltage range of 10V-30V.
※ AC type model has a free-voltage range of 100V-240V.


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